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        Annual Max 1 Day Flow(2)
        Annual Max 3 Day Flow(3)
        Annual Max 7 Day Flow(4)
        Annual Max 30 Day Flow(5)
        Annual Max 90 Day Flow(6)
        High Flow Pulse Duration(7)
        Annual Min 1 Day Flow(8)
        Annual Min 3 Day Flow(9)
        Annual Min 7 Day Flow(10)
        Annual Min 30 Day Flow(11)
        Annual Min 90 Day Flow(12)
        Low Flow Pulse Duration(13)
        Low Flow Pulse Count(14)
        3 Day Spring Max - MISSING VALS(15)
        7 Day Spring Max - MISSING VALS(16)
        3 Day Summer Min - MISSING VALS(17)
        7 Day Summer Min - MISSING VALS(18)
        High Flood Pulse Count(20)
        High Flood Freq - 1x Median(21)
        High Flood Freq - 3x Median(22)
        High Flood Freq - 7x Median(23)
        Low Flood Pulse Count(24)
        Freq of Low Pulse Spells(25)
        Median Num of Events > 10th Percentile(26)
        Median Num of Events < 90th Percentile(27)
        Annual CV(29)
        Annual SD(30)
        Jan Mean Monthly Flows(31)
        Feb Mean Monthly Flows(32)
        Mar Mean Monthly Flows(33)
        Apr Mean Monthly Flows(34)
        May Mean Monthly Flows(35)
        Jun Mean Monthly Flows(36)
        Jul Mean Monthly Flows(37)
        Aug Mean Monthly Flows(38)
        Sep Mean Monthly Flows(39)
        Oct Mean Monthly Flows(40)
        Nov Mean Monthly Flows(41)
        Dec Mean Monthly Flows(42)
        Median of Annual Max Flows(43)
        Specific Mean Annual Max Flow(44)
        Specific Mean Spring Max Flow(45)
        Summer CV(47)
        Summer Min(48)
      RATE OF CHANGE(49)
        Rise Rate(50)
        Fall Rate(51)
        Number of Reversals(52)
        Annual Spring Max - Day of Year(54)
        Annual Summer Min - Day of Year(55)
        Annual Max - Day of Year(56)
        Annual Min - Day of Year(57)
        Annual Max 1 Day Flow(60)
        Annual Max 3 Day Flow(61)
        Annual Max 7 Day Flow(62)
        Annual Max 30 Day Flow(63)
        Annual Max 90 Day Flow(64)
        High Flow Pulse Duration(65)
        Annual Min 1 Day Flow(66)
        Annual Min 3 Day Flow(67)
        Annual Min 7 Day Flow(68)
        Annual Min 30 Day Flow(69)
        Annual Min 90 Day Flow(70)
        Low Flood Pulse Duration(71)
        Low Flood Pulse Count(72)
        7 Day Spring Max - MISSING VALS(73)
        3 Day Spring Max - MISSING VALS(74)
        3 Day Summer Min - MISSING VALS(75)
        7 Day Summer Min - MISSING VALS(76)
        7 Day Summer Min - MISSING VALS(77)
        Median Num Events < 90th Percentile(79)
        Median Num Events > 10th Percentile(80)
        Freq Low Flood Pulse Spells(81)
        Low Flood Pulse Count(82)
        High Flood Freq - 7x Median(83)
        High Flood Freq - 3x Median(84)
        High Flood Freq - 1x Median(85)
        High Flood Pulse Count(86)
        Annual CV(88)
        Annual SD(89)
        Jan Mean Monthly Flows(90)
        Feb Mean Monthly Flows(91)
        Mar Mean Monthly Flows(92)
        Apr Mean Monthly Flows(93)
        May Mean Monthly Flows(94)
        Jun Mean Monthly Flows(95)
        Jul Mean Monthly Flows(96)
        Aug Mean Monthly Flows(97)
        Sep Mean Monthly Flows(98)
        Oct Mean Monthly Flows(99)
        Nov Mean Monthly Flows(100)
        Dec Mean Monthly Flows(101)
        Median of Annual Max Flows(102)
        Specific Annual Max Flow(103)
        Specific Mean Spring Max Flow(105)
        Summer CV(106)
        Summer Min(107)
      RATE OF CHANGE(108)
        Rise Rate(109)
        Fall Rate(110)
        Number of Reversals(111)
        Annual Spring Max - Day of Year(113)
        Annual Summer Min - Day of Year(114)
        Annual Max - Day of Year(115)
        Annual Min - Day of Year(116)
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