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    Potential Bottomland Forest Blocks (All)(0)
    Leveed Areas(1)
    Forest Block Opportunities(2)
      Forest Block Expansion Opp. - Contig. to Forest Corridor(3)
      Forest Block Expansion Opportunity(4)
      GI Forest Corridor(5)
      Potential Forest Block - Contig. to Forest Corridor(6)
      Potential Forest Block(7)
    Forest Patch Opportunities(8)
      Forest Patch Expansion Opp. - Contig. to Forest Corridor(9)
      Forest Patch Expansion Opp. (Aff. Opp. Contig. to Ex. Forest Patch)(10)
      Existing Forest Patch(11)
    Supplemental Data(12)
      Afforestation Opportunity - Contig. to Forest Corridor(13)
      Afforestation Opportunity(14)
      Existing Forest(15)
      GI Forest Corridor(16)
      Large River Bottomland(17)
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